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Study says Ford will pass GM as top N.A. producer

Posted Friday, May 22, 2009, 1:10 pm in Employee News

Ford Motor Co. will overtake General Motors to become North America’s top auto producer this year as bankruptcy scrambles the industry rankings, a research firm told the Automotive News.

Chrysler LLC, which has stopped production during its bankruptcy filing, will fall to No. 5, behind Honda and Toyota, according to data from forecasting group IHS Global Insight, the trade paper said. Ford will rank first with North American production of 1.9 million units, a 17.7 percent decrease from 2008, IHS told the paper. GM, which is shutting most of its plants as it braces for a possible June 1 bankruptcy, will build 1.7 million vehicles, about half as many as it did last year, the story said.

Chrysler’s projected 903,191-unit output will be a decrease of more than half. Honda Motor Co. will replace Chrysler in the No. 3 slot by producing 1.1 million vehicles, and Toyota Motor Corp. will finish fourth with 904,262 units built, the publication said. (Automotive News)
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