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Forget Chrysler, CAFE Matters More

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There are ways to push up fuel economy on gasoline engines: superchargers and turbochargers, diesel-like compression ratios, six- and seven-speed transmissions, ever more computer controls, lighter weight, more aluminum. But it all costs money, thousands of dollars per car. The easy tricks are already used, says GM Vice Chairman Robert Lutz.

Adding a few thousand dollars to a $75,000 BMW is one thing, adding several thousand dollars to a $16,000 Ford Focus is something else. However, I for one would think it's a better idea than running up the gasoline tax, to say $7 or $8 a gallon, which would catch our attention for sure.

It's going to be a lot of work to get that fuel economy up. No time to waste.

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Green Suv

Another biased thread. I think you have to get the BIG picture. BUT there are sites you would enjoy run by PETA and every other anti-American organization out there where you might find others with similar attitudes.

Ummm... 23 mpg Hwy is pretty good for an SUV; I've been averaging 21 mpg around town with my present Jeep (4.0 engine) and 23 mpg on a trip-- as a rather conservative driver. As conscientious Americans we drive less; use the car when the trip doesn't require the Jeep; and do all the responsible things.

10 Nitros spew less dirty pollution than one 10 year old Volvo or TDI. I guarantee you they are safer than all the Aveos or Echos on the road.

Some people need true 4X4 capability-- as we do with our driveway in the winter-- and the ability to tow and haul equipment, and big dogs, and tie stuff on the roof. Consumer research shows that people will buy the vehicle that meets their anticipated needs. Why not buy one which uses less resources? How could this be bad?

We have yet to see what environmental damage the batteries do with their heavy metals or the ugly pollution created by manufacturers in other regions of the world who accept NO responsibility for the environment that manufacture them. None of the hybrids want towing or off road use.

Good point, rickaren! One more strong argument to buy a mid sized SUV over a Hummer and to buy American made products!
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