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There have been sporadic reports of virus/trojan/malware presence on a number of our sites yesterday (July 5, 2010). This was carried in by rogue ad via one of our ad networks.

As of 3:28 pm EST yesterday afternoon, our technical staff reported that they found the offending advertiser and removed them.

If anyone encounters further instances of malware/trojan reports, please advise them to do the following:

1) Please clear the browser cache. In extreme cases, it may be necessary to restart the computer.

2) Ensure that their anti-virus program definitions are current and that the anti-virus program is running.

3) Run a full antivirus scan.

4) Ensure that their operating system and web browser are up to date and have all applicable patches installed. Install all security and related updates. Reboot the computer as necessary.

It may take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours for Norton SiteSafe to stop reporting the malware presence.

Oh... and to compound the situation, our office (and much of downtown Toronto) was hit with a power failure yesterday afternoon, preventing us from getting the message out to you.

Thanks... Don
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