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Gas milage

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got 18.8 not bad i guess
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hey MercuryMan,

So how many miles do you get on a full tank of gas?

I should be getting mine soon and want to know what I'm getting into.
on the two trips i took with my nitro i averaged 19 to 20 easy thats @ 110kmph temp. -7 degress celcius. with light winds
Highway -- 18.6
City -- 15.5
As of today I've had my Nitro for 6 weeks and have driven 1790 miles. This is still a shock stepping up from a 30+ MPG Ford Escort ZX-2. I'm hoping that after I get about 3000 miles on it the mileage will go up but I doubt it. If anyone has any information regarding this myth I would love to hear from you.
So the EPA Estimates of 18 city / 23 hwy are an absolute joke?
mine does 16.2 in the city , arround 300 miles per tank !!
CentralOregonNitro said:
So the EPA Estimates of 18 city / 23 hwy are an absolute joke?
Yeah your right...

They do their texts on a dyno....not real driving.
I've logged about 16.7 around town. Have the first road trip this week so I'll see what my SLT does on the highway.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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