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Gave Up!!!!!!!!!!!

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That's It I Got My Money Back From My Dealer Last Night
Because He Told Me It Might Be 2 More Months Before I Get My
Car And I Been Waiting Since The End Of Jan. Crazy All For A Mygig System And Plus The Dealer Told Me Good Move Because There Always In The Shop And Should Wait For The New One To Come Out
Oh Well I Wanted It But I Need A Car Now So Can't Wait Good Luck For Everyone Who Has One And Who Is Getting One!!!!!!:(
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As you know I gave up on the nitro because they had me waiting forever for a car and I just could not wait anymore. But thats the best thing that could of happened to me I just got my 2008 mercury mariner with everything in it
and the price was better then the nitro!!!!!!
Sorry to hear about that. The only problem is now your driving a Ford. ;) This is a dealer problem.

I didn't want to bother with the MyGig because I figured it would be new & buggy. Turns out it works pretty good but is tough for small dealers to get a hold of. I ended up installing a Garmin C550 GPS with audible navigation, MP3 playback & Bluetooth handsfree cell. Works great & costs $1500 less.

Enjoying my Nitro that I bought off the lot.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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