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Germany invests millions in race for battery-powered car

Posted Thursday, Aug 27, 2009, 1:57 pm in Employee News

Forget that they’re cramped, have a limited driving range and outstrip the average consumer’s pocketbook, but the race is on to create a viable electric car, Associated Press reported.

Germany—home to brands including Volkswagen, Porsche and BMW—became the latest country to fast track development of electric cars, the government approving a plan Wednesday that aims to put 1 million of them on the road by 2020, the AP said. The goal is ambitious. Of the 41 million cars in the country, only 1,452 are electric, and Germany is entering an increasingly congested field, the news service said.

To help bring Germany up to speed, the government plans to spend some $705 million on the plan over the next three years, including 115 million euros ($164 million) to establish eight test regions examining how the cars could best be introduced, the AP noted. The nation also plans to put $242 million into battery research, making domestic production a priority and ensuring that German experts are trained in the technology, the story said. (Associated Press)
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