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Buy a Hyundai Equus, Get a Free iPad

Apr. 02, 2010 10:04 a.m.

When Hyundai’s new large luxury sedan, the Equus, goes on sale in fall 2010, it will come with an interesting perk. Along with more information about the car, Hyundai announced at the New York Auto Show that the 2011 Equus will come with an Apple iPad-style tablet instead of a traditional owner’s manual.

“Although Hyundai hasn’t released many details on the system, it will apparently be searchable and is expected to include videos to help guide owners,” writes Left Lane News. “Owners will be able to book servicing appointments directly from the owner’s manual tablet and Hyundai says that the select Equus dealers will pick up and re-deliver customer cars while leaving them with Genesis loan vehicles.”

Hyundai is even willing to pamper customers before they plunk down the cash for an Equus, which is expected to cost around $50,000 to $60,000.

“Interested buyers can have an Equus brought to their home to inspect and a dealership salesperson will do an on-site walkaround to discuss the features,” explains Automotive News. “If a customer buys an Equus, a salesperson will return to the buyer's home later to discuss the car's performance.”

As for the iPad part of the equation, it’s probably not the best idea to buy an Equus simply to get your hands on Apple’s coolest new gadget, In fact, Hyundai hasn’t even confirmed that the device in question will be Apple’s – they’re simply calling it a “multimedia tablet.”

Autoblog notes, “There are several other manufacturers building slate-like devices for consumers. Dell, JooJoo and others have their own units in the works, but Apple is easily the stand-out… for now.”

While the electronic owner’s manual is certainly innovative, not everyone is impressed. The folks at Top Speed write: “Hyundai’s rationale for this quirky yet ingenious ‘promotion’ is that by giving Equus buyers an iPad instead of an owner’s manual, it should allow these customers to make vehicle service appointments wirelessly. Yeah, right. Last time we checked, anybody with a wireless Internet connection can do that with a click of a few buttons. But we have to admit, it is a pretty nice take-with-you gift whenever you buy a car.”

If only more automakers would get on board with this “Buy a car, get a fun electronic gadget” gimmick. A lot of us could probably use a free laptop or iPod. Heck, some of us would probably be happy with a simple toaster. Bottom line: people love free stuff… and Hyundai may be on to something here.

LINK: Buy a Hyundai Equus, Get a Free iPad - U.S. News Rankings and Reviews
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