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"Get Ready for the Next Hundred Years"

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The New Chrysler Debuts Ad Campaign: Get Ready for the Next Hundred Years

- Product innovations and leadership are showcased in new corporate print,
internet and radio advertisements
- 'The New Chrysler' appears with return of the Pentastar logo

AUBURN HILLS, Mich., Aug. 6 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- As a new chapter
begins in its 82 year history, The New Chrysler is launching a national
corporate advertising campaign Aug. 6 with the theme, "The New Chrysler:
Get Ready for the Next Hundred Years." The advertising was announced today
at a press conference signifying the first day of the new Company, under
the majority ownership of New York-based Cerberus Capital Management.
The campaign consists of print, internet and radio ads that introduce
The New Chrysler company name to the public and reflect back on the
Company's product, innovation and technology leadership of the past as well
as what can be expected in the future - the next hundred years. The
Pentastar logo -- which adorns the Company headquarters and was the
corporate symbol of the Company for more than 40 years -- has returned as
part of The New Chrysler company logo.
The campaign's overall message conveys the pride, passion and
commitment The New Chrysler has for building great vehicles, and creates
excitement for what the future holds - new industry-leading cars and trucks
with cutting-edge technology, high quality and increased fuel economy.
"We have a bright future with the best showroom line-up ever including
the all-new Dodge Grand Caravan and Chrysler Town & Country minivans that
will soon be arriving at dealerships, " said Steven Landry, Executive Vice
President - North America Sales and Marketing, Service and Parts. "This is
an incredibly important time for The New Chrysler and we want to make sure
that people know the product milestones and innovations that have made this
company what it is today, and where we are going in the future."
The New Chrysler corporate advertising campaign is scheduled to run in
the United States through the end of August. Elements of the campaign will
be used in Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico.
About the Ads
The first print ad, "Get Ready," announces "The New Chrysler" and
highlights the Company's history of firsts, the latest products from the
Chrysler, Jeep(R) and Dodge brands, as well as quality, environmental
accomplishments and the Company's recently announced Lifetime Powertrain
Limited Warranty. The ad will run in magazines and newspapers, with a
version of it on the internet.
A second print ad, running in magazines and on the internet, is titled
"Babies." It focuses on The New Chrysler's next generation of customers and
connects that with the Company's future. The ad features three toddlers
seated in car seats, representing the Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge brands, and
dressed in outfits that match the attitudes of the individual brands. The
headline reads, "Ready for the Next Generation."
A radio spot, titled "Cars & Trucks," is similar to an audio timeline
that reflects back on all the Chrysler innovations that have helped
revolutionize the automotive industry. It conveys the same message of
pride, passion and innovation with the use of the message, "The New
A second radio spot, "Whew," is a spoof of an actor doing his first
take on creating the voiceover for a new radio ad, complete with the studio
engineer and announcer adding their portions. It highlights a list of
industry leading innovations that are seen on today's Chrysler, Jeep and
Dodge vehicles.
The new print ads break nationally in newspapers including USA Today,
The Wall Street Journal and local papers in the top 62 markets, as well as
in magazines such as Time, BusinessWeek, Newsweek, U.S. News & World
Report, Automotive News, Sports Illustrated, People and Entertainment
Weekly. Radio will air in the top 62 markets across the country as well as
on SIRIUS Satellite Radio.
Internet advertising, with the same themes and messages as the print
and radio ads, as well as banner ads, will run on the internet on sites
including AOL, MSN and Yahoo.
In addition, the Company's history of innovation is reinforced on The
New Chrysler corporate site --


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