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GM bringing direct injection technology to mainstream

Posted Wednesday, Apr 8, 2009, 3:31 pm in Employee News

Direct injection, a highly precise fuel saving technology, will be standard on the new GMC Terrain small SUV, General Motors plans to announce today at the New York Auto Show, according to a story on the Automotive News Web site.

The publication said GM has been adding the advanced fuel injection system to most of its newly introduced performance and luxury vehicles. But with the Terrain, GM is moving the technology into its mainstream, high volume models, the Automotive News story said.

GM will have 18 nameplates with the advanced fuel injection system once the Terrain goes on sale this summer as a 2010 model, according to the publication. GM’s planned announcement underscores the growing pressure being put on the automaker to demonstrate more fuel efficient vehicles and technologies. Direct injection improves a vehicle’s fuel efficiency by spraying small amounts of pure gasoline into an engine’s cylinders where it is mixed with air. (Automotive News)
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