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GM rolls past 1 million miles in fuel cell demo

Posted Friday, Sep 11, 2009, 3:02 pm in Employee News

General Motors Co. is now 1 million miles into its fuel cell experiment and company officials say having everyday people drive a test fleet of pollution-free cars has convinced them they are on the right track, Associated Press reported.

The automaker on Friday said it passed the 1 million-miles-driven mark in its fuel cell Chevrolet Equinox vehicles, with about 5,000 people rotating in and out of more than 100 cars over the past 25 months, the news service said.

Supporters see the fuel cell becoming a mainstream, eco-friendly alternative to petroleum-powered cars within the next decade, the AP said. Powered by electricity, generated by a reaction between oxygen and hydrogen, the only emissions are wisps of water vapor.

Auto companies do not disclose costs, but the vehicles are expensive to produce because most are hand-built prototypes, the news service said. Also, the nation lacks a network of fueling stations, the story said. (Associated Press)
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