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GM says it’s ready to tackle small cars

Posted Thursday, Jun 11, 2009, 1:07 pm in Employee News

Desperate to eliminate red ink, General Motors Corp. thinks it has created a factory method to build small vehicles profitably in North America that it calls “interbuildability,” the Automotive News reported.

The concept is better known among competitors simply as standardization, and GM is not the first to hit on the idea, the trade paper said. The automaker is standardizing its factories around the world, said Gary Cowger, GM’s group vice president for global manufacturing and labor relations, the Automotive News said.

One key to the strategy: Different models on the same architecture will have “plug and play” component modules, such as exhaust systems and front-end modules, according to the paper. That means a crossover in Europe and a sedan in China might share the same chassis, engine compartments and structural components, but still look remarkably different to consumers, the story said. (Automotive News)
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