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Going to pick up my new Nitro today!

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I am so excited! I get to go pick up my Nitro today! We went last Wednesday to "just look" at it. Well I ended up takeing it for a test drive and we ended up getting one! I have now lost 2 days of sleep waiting for my car to arrive. The dealership that we got ours at only had like 5 of them, a pretty blue one, 2 white ones, red, and a silver but they did noth ave the one that we wanted, Just a plain jane one in orange. So they did some calling around and could not find one in that color so we got a black one with the grey interior, they had to go 2 1/2 hours away to get it yesterday but I will have keys in hand tonight! I am tradeing in my 2004 Honda Element which I really did like but honestly it was like rideing on a horse and buggy, really bumpy and could not pull the pop up camper all that well. I will post pictures of my new love when I can!:D
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NitroMama said:
I got it & I LOVE it!
Sweet, post some pics of the beauty!
Just pick mine up Yesterday....awsome car. But my wife will be driving it.
We got a great deal.
RWOOD said:
....awsome car. But my wife will be driving it.
That's a problem here as well! Thinking I might have to trade my truck in for my own! LOL
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