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I have done a lot of "On-Line" Nitro Mopar/Factory accessory ordering and for some reason Hendrick Chrysler Jeep in Fayetteville, NC has some of the best pricing and shipping costs. You may want to use their price as a guide-line as to what your Dealer is charging you. They should be able to match since they are all Chrysler Dealers. I even called them about shipping costs since after placing an order "On-Line" with another Dealer they wanted to increase their price after I had already placed my order! Called Hendrik's Parts Department and asked them to confirm their on-line price and shipping costs to my home. They took my number and called me back within 15 minutes and said no issue with ordering "On-Line" and that the stated price was correct. Had my order within a few days.

As a example check this out. 5064080AG - RER AM/FM/Satellite CD, DVD Navigation Parts and Accessories

Just a heads up and their Site Affordable Parts and Accessories wholesale to the public.

Hope this info might save you some hard earned money on modifications to your Niro or any Chrysler vehicle!
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