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Heater Control Knob Explained

Well, several here have experienced poor heat to the driver’s side floor as I have. Did we all read our Owner’s Manual on how to use the control knob? I sure did not and don’t think we should have to. These simple symbols (for simple people) speak for themselves, right. Wrong!

Took Nitro in this week for first Warranty Work and listed poor heat on driver’s floor. Technician said he found no issue, but I had the control set in the 50% mode. I did not know you had a primary, and a blend of two modes setting. Sure enough I have used the “white dot” NOT the other primary mode of the symbol, to place heat on the floor only.

Could I be the only one to do this? Could this be the problem with others, too? The owner’s manual does explain this on page 226 in my 2007 manual.

Thanks to the great service of ResumeSpeed posting all Nitro TSBs I did have TSB 24-001-08 performed to correct hot air from the A/C in the summer, too.

Looking over that list I asked the latest software be added to my MYGIG, but since I was the first to ask they ordered it.

What a great service this Forum supplies us. By doing so, many times we may know more than the Dodge Service Department that should!

Thanks everyone for posting here. Maybe my post will also help someone that thought he was smarter than a 5th grader as I did! Ha Ha

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A lot of the vehicles that I have been in have this feature. My caliber doesnt seem to have it, but our van has it and there are actually 2 settings in between each mode.

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Heater control knob

Well it seems that i am in fact smarter than a fifth grader,unfortunately i cant say the same for Dodge engineers.By time my feet are warmed my eyes are dried out like Kink Tuts! Maybe the halfass pannel that hangs by a thread under the dash has something to do with the hot air being deflected from my feet? Why would air come out of the dash ports as well as the defrosters? Seems the Engineer flunked fifth grade?
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