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Heir ist mein neue Nitro!

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Hallo!!! Ich bein heir neu und habe am Mittwoch meinen neu 2007 Nitro R/T 4x4 abgeholt....oops....sorry....wrong language.

Hello. I am new here and picked up my new 2007 Nitro R/T 4x4 on Wednesday!

Here are the first photos. I have done quite a bit of "MODDING" since I picked it up but have not gotten photos of them yet.

"MODS" so far: Pine Scent Christmas Tree Air Freshener, Curb Feelers, rubber straps hanging off the back to reduce static, deer warning whistles on the front bumper, Walmart automobile trash bin for the back seat.

Some other "MODS" that I plan are:

HUGE wing on the back
stick on hood scoop
stick on side vents (like a BMW M3)
a really long CB antenna on the back which I will pull down to the front and tie down (I might get a CB also but am not sure yet)
a ladder going up the back so I can get on top with ease
triple blade chrome windshield wipers with Inferno Red windshield wiper spoilers
orange marker lights across the top
chrome rocker panels
chrome door trim with ding protectors
a big Dodge Ram head sticker for the back window
a Calvin pissing on Ford sticker for the back window
and on the front window a DODGE COUNTRY tinted sticker with rebel flags on both sides
some HEMI stickers for the sides of the truck
and some Turbo stickers for the rear side windows
a MACK truck bulldog mounted on the hood with eyes that light up
Yosimite Sam "Back Off" mud flaps for the back
Harley-Davidson mud flaps for the front

If I can find enough black, yellow and orange spray paint in the garage I will put some flames on the front.

Also plan to put some 40 or 50 inch rims on it.

Later on down the road here are a few things on eBay that I would like to get: 1. a whistler type thing-a-ma-bob that I stick in the muffler which is suppose to help make it sound like I have a Turbo motor; 2. This other thing-a-ma-bob that is suppose to go in the air intake, it is a hollow tube that kinda looks like a star on front that is suppose to increase the horse power by 25%!!! If I see anymore of these items on eBay, after I get mine of course, I will post the link here so you can get one also.

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Noch mehr photos!!

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Und der lezte photo

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Welcome bp!
Your Nitro is a beauty and almost as impressive as your wacky, irreverent sense of humor :D
I can tell we're going to have a few laffs with you around.

Great pics- I especially like the one shot from above... interesting angle!
How about a raccoon tail for the antenna and fuzzy dice on the rear view?ohh and betty boop floor mats!
Heck NO!!!! I don't want that crap on my Nitro!!! Racoon tail and fuzzy dice......sheeesh!!!!!
bplinson said:
some HEMI stickers for the sides of the truck
HEMI stickers???? Thats awesome, makes me want to put Type S stickers on my grandmothers four banger Honda
I kinda like fuzzy dice, but I hear ya on the nix to the raccoon tail on the antenna idea, who needs the extra drag on your awesome aerodynamics anyway!

But what about a brodie knob for those moments of irrepressable urges to spin your wheels? :p

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