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Help Deter MOPAR Theft - PIN LOCK - New TaZer Feature

Nov 14, 2022
This new zAutomotive TaZer feature will help prevent automotive theft! This feature is called PIN LOCK will be an added layer of protection by requiring a pin once the vehicle is turned on This is a theft deterrent for your Mopar vehicles: Charger/ Challenger (2015+), Dodge Durango, Jeep JL, Dodge Ram 1500 (2019 - 2023)/TRX (2021-2023), and Chrysler 300s This feature is currently available in these TaZer models: TaZer DT, TaZer JL Mini, and the TaZer for the Chrysler 300, Charger and Challengers (2015+)

Our website to purchase:
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