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Hi all! Just got a new Nitro!

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I've been a member over on the SRT forums for years (SRT-4_&_NeonACR) and just bought a left over '07 R/T 4WD (it was a demo, got a great deal on it).

Anyway, everything was going great until I noticed a whistle from under the hood when the rpms go over 2k. I understand this is "normal" and there's a TSB for it, however does anyone know what exactly is causing it and if it possible to just fix it on your own? It's annoying and embarrising... my friends/family are checking out the car, going for rides and then asking what that noise is... :rolleyes: I'd like to fix it asap, a guy at work was harping on me for not buying a Rav4 instead an if he hears this, let's just say I'd rather fix it before monday morning ;)

Any ideas?
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