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Dodge Nitro LED Black Third Brake Light

Jun 17, 2019

I'm told that the correct part # is
3BL-DNIT07-LED-SM but have not found the source as of 6/19/2019



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I purchased the DNA Motoring 07-12 Dodge Nitro LED Black Smoked Third Brake Light to install on mt 2007 Nitro R/T.

Pretty simple install.

REMOVE the 2 (T25) Torx screws

unplug electrical plug

pull off washer hose

remove nozzle-lift-gate washer (Mopar part # 68015003AA) There are snap plastic clips on the top and bottom that needs to be depressed to pop-out. The new replacement custom Third Brake Light Does NOT come with this (expensive) nozzle. I had no issue removing this original nozzle.

Since I ordered the Black Smoked Lamp I did not want the nozzle to remain red so I sprayed it Semi-gloss black. However I then ran into an issue since this nozzle did not want to snap into the new lamp! I don't think I damaged the nozzle removing it and did not look broken or damaged. When I found out the cost of the original red nozzle I see why it was not included with the new custom lamp! It is however available from many sources including E-Bay and Amazon. Just Google the above part number.

I decided instead to just glue the now painted black nozzle by removing the gasket with a plastic glue (plastic to plastic). Worked for me.


re-hook up washer hose

re-hook up electrical plug

check that lamp works

re-install the Torx screws

Good to go and Good Luck on your latest Dodge Nitro modification!

If for some reason you want to replace the original Nitro Light with the same, the Mopar Part No. is: 55157147AF


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