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Jeep Wrangler’s color-matching removable hardtop selling at a high-rate

Chrysler has just gave word that they will be extending the availability of the Jeep Wrangler’s removable, body color-matching hardtop roof. The option is now available for the top-of-the-line Rubicon after only [the removable hardtop] being available on the mid-range Sahara for 2011.

“There were times when we had very few soft-top orders and we were running a very, very high rate of body-color,” says Ray Durham, the Wrangler vehicle line’s executive. “That’s why the capacity had to come up.”

The design of the removable hardtop was slightly redesigned to make application and removal easier than the last version. Additionally, more glass space was added to allow more sunlight through.

“We increased the glass on the hatch and on the two sides so you get more of the sun and more of the daylight coming in,” Durham commented.

The option for the color-matching removable hardtop starts at just $1,715.

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