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How Did This Dodge Demon Crash?

Apr 13, 2018

A photo of a totaled Dodge Challenger Demon has been making its rounds on the internet this week, but it’s not clear what the story behind the wrecked muscle car is. Our Fiat Chrysler-crazed friends over at Allpar dug up this photo of a black Dodge Demon with its nose pushed in. They did some digging, but couldn’t figure where the car was crashed, or how. Our deep dive into the matter was equally as fruitless, but it seems as though it was first posted to Instagram and Facebook before making its rounds on a handful of Mopar enthusiast forums.

One Instagram user claimed the crash happened in La Jolla, California after the owner of the car got into the power, lost control and hit three parked cars. But with no way to confirm the intel, this bit of information is pretty much useless. We imagine it’s not far from the truth, though. This is likely the first of many Demons that will be written off after the driver grabs too much throttle, gets loose and slams into a stationary object. An 808 hp car is not to be trifled with, folks.

Whatever the case, we just hope the driver was able to walk away with minimal injuries and that no one else was hurt in the crash. We once joked that Dodge was offering racing lessons to Demon buyers through the Bondurant school so they didn’t crash the sub-10 second drag special, but our joke now seems a bit too pertinent. The 1-day school is offered for free to buyers of the Demon, and we highly suggest less experienced owners take Dodge and Bondurant up on the offer. It’s a fun and educational way to spend a Saturday and will also teach owners how to truly tap into the sky-high performance of the Demon.

Stay safe out there, folks.
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