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I Drove it Yesterday...Dodge Dealer Pre-Launch

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This thing is awesome!...Just so you know, I am a member on some other boards and I occasionally will offer up info when I have time. I'm also, not here (or on other boards) to sell you any cars. If you are local to me here, feel free to come and see me but I am in this to provide info (accurate info) from the dealership level when I can. That being said, this thing is fantastic.

It looks good, drives really nice, handles great and has tons of space and will easily be a huge starting place to customize for anyone on a budget who wants a tuff looking ride.

ask me and I will try to answer as quickly as possible and provide accurate info.
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I am jealous, can't wait to see it!! DH thinks it will be too small. How does it compare to the Liberty size wise? I read its about 10" longer than the liberty but inside space is it noticeably bigger? I need to do some convincing here. :rolleyes: He's hard to convince, he wants a minivan. *gag* I am driving one now and don't want another one!
In my opinion, it's much roomier than Liberty. It Looks way cooler too. The seats are more comfortable and there is more storage space. It's wider inside also. It is not a Jeep ground clearance to speak of for off road use.

The Nitro platform is the same platform that they will build the next generation Liberty on but that is a ways off yet.

For me here at the dealership, Nitro is something very refreshing and the price will make it an affordable SUV type vehicle.
Cool! thanks for the info. I don't need an off road kind of vehicle just one that can handle my gravel roads and snow here in Alberta. In other words a 4x4. Do they pick certain dealerships for a pre-launch or how does that work?
Also how is the size comparable to the Durango? Is it much smaller? sorry I have a ton of questions. :)
Yes, it's much smaller than the Durango. I've added specs to the Nitro page of my site:

Still should be plenty big if you don't need a third row.

You'll find a similar page for the Durango there.
Hi Simon,

Was it a SXT or SLT? What color? How was the paint job?

How does it compare in size to the Ford Escape?

I have lots of other questions, but don't want to bombard you.

We actually drove Escape, Exterra for comparison vehicles and we drove SLT and RT. There were several colors and they all looked pretty good!

They have (what seems like) way more room than both Nissan and Excape and being the newest, simply appear light years ahead in design and layout inside. The Nitro is way smoother than both also. Even the Exterra with more horsepower didn't seem any more powerfull, but sure was a stiffer ride.
Wow, I didn't think they would even have an RT at the event, which would be my most likely choice.

I have a 2001 Ford Escape right now that seems so out of date, both in looks and in technology/safety, even though it was considered a groundbreaker and leader in the small-ute category at the time.

How was the R/T on 20" wheels? I know those wheels look super sharp, but I am hoping the penalty won't be a really stiff or bumpy ride. Was it a 4X4?

Thanks again for sharing your experiences with us.
It's marginally bumpier, but not a deal breaker. If you're coming from an escape you may not notice at all.

Do you know any dealers that know the in and outs of exporting a Nitro from Canada or the US to Switzerland. I think the Nitro would be a great car over here. As far as I know they (Chrysler) plan to bring it to Europe (as they did for the Caliber) but I guess this will not happen in the near future.

Best Regards,
Another question how come in Canada here we have a SE, SXT , SLT and R/T?
where as in the USA they have a SXT, SLT & R/T?
Not sure why they have different models here vs. US...also, as to your question about pre-launch. These 'launch tours' are put on by the manufacturer and attendence by 5 star dealers (managers and sales) is required and points are given to each individual for attending. Most, if not all dealers will send staff to these events when they come into their locale. The pioints given are used to attain DCA (Daimler Chrysler Academy) achievement awards at year end and are combined with online training modules, courses and courses for product knowledge for new salespeople and veterans with Chrysler.

These 'pre-launches' are half day or full day training and introduction tours that go from city to city.

Chrysler (to my knowledge) still considers vehicles that are exported from purchase point to another country "grey market' vehicles and they will no warranty them. You would have to do some research on a local level as to just how to go about it if you had to get one there.
dear roland,

it seems that dodge will bring this beauty to germany in spring next year
(2007). i hope it will be early in spring. i´m really mad on this car. maybe
there will be a diesel for the european market (mercedes one ???)

hello simon,

which color is the most impressive one ? is the black color
one a multilayer one or only a "quick job" - how about the
dashboard - does it look "cheap" like in the caliber ? got
any photos of your testings ? how about the milage (are
markting numbers ok?) ?

many questions :)

thank you,

the euro-guy
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Black is of course always awesome. I actually liked in white too. I reset the mileage meter and it came out as rated but it was a short trip, about 10km's. I didn't find it too 'plasticky', they are using a more rubber based material, or more rubber in the plastic mix and it somes out alright. Of course I sell new cars and they are all plastics of one sort or another these days so it's a personal thing.

I didn't actaully see if the black was chrysler 'brilliant black' which is metallic or clear coat black.
I just went to my DCX order site and it is Black Clear Coat brilliant black.
Simon said:
I just went to my DCX order site and it is Black Clear Coat brilliant black.
To Bad! It looks like White will be the choice!

Yes, the Nitro will definitely make it to Europa as the Dodge Caliber did, including to Germany and Switzerland (the dealers in Switzerland are already talking about it but they do not know when and how much). But I would not hold my breath that this will happen already in Spring of 2007. I also wonder if they will ever offer it in Europe with the manual transmission and I would guess that prices will be higher than in North America. Point is, that I will need a new car very soon because my current one won't probably last through the next winter.


My favorite color would also be white. I want to go for the SXT since I prefer a manual transmission, but as the sales documentation says, on a SXT the front and rear fascias, as well as the fender flares are only available in deep gray and not in body color. Doesn't that Stone White SXT kinda look funny with this deep gray stuff all around? Why don't they give us also a choice of all body color for the SXT?

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