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What a dumba$$, huh.

Here is the story though.

I went and test drove a Nitro 4x4 and loved it. I even put my daughters car seat in and picked her up from school with it.

I got home and left it in the driveway so my wife could see it.

Truth be told, she did not like it. So I asked my daughter. She was either two or about to be two.

I asked "Sophia, do you like daddy's new car?" "No." she replied. I could not convince either one that it should be in the garage next to the Magnum. I was to remain driving the Sport Trac. :(

Fast forward to April 4 2007.

My wife saw a Honda SUV something or other and looked it up when she got to work. Well she saw on the dealers web site a used Jeep Commander. I went and test drove the Commander and have had it ever since.

I still love the Nitro. I have seen a few slightly modded (wheels, chrome, that sort of thing) around town.

So, keep enjoying your Nitro ownership and I will keep giving props to those I see.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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