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Wondering if anyone has had any dealing with ISG, seems they are the mediating group for Chrysler for lemon law situations?

My 07 nitro has had 2 torque converters replaced and still no change, still shifts horribly. When i, and the dealer, contracted Chrysler I was contacted by ISG who seem to be a shady operation. They first wanted to drop in a used trans, not gonna happen, then they offered to replace the vehicle. I agreed to a replacement but then they refused to provide any details in writing as to terms, delivery etc. Now they have given me an ultimatum of take it or leave it. If I wont verbally agree to this they are refusing to make any offers.

When i called back Chrysler Customer Care they refuse to talk to me because my file has been given to ISG, so i am completely up against a wall with few options other than filing a full lemon law lawsuit which I am guessing is a nightmare.

So just wondering if anyone else has had this problem or have any advice?

Thanks in advance
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