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I figure I would introduce myself before I post any more LOL. I am a housewife in SouthEast California. My husband bought my Nitro in March, and I am totally loving it. I went on the Dodge website and built the one I wanted. The only thing was, I couldnt find one with all the options W/O leather seats. I did a search from Las Vegas to San Diego - LA to Phoenix. No luck. The dealer had no luck either. The one I ended up with is the bare minimal I would accept. It HAD to be white with the grey interior. The U-Connect was a must and CLOTH seats. Thats what I got.. oh and the running boards and the Sub-woofer in the SLT.

I havent had any problems with it so far except the harsh shifting once in a while, but after reading in this forum I think I am better off not getting all the options with the problems some are having.

My husband and I are slowing customizing both our trucks (he is an 02 Ram 1500 SLT. He has customed the ram alot). So far, I just have new intirior purple lights and the full chrome grill. We will be ordering the flat pannel TV soon and new exhaust. There just isnt too many parts for the Nitro yet. I will be looking for some performance enhancers and such. If you know of a creditable company please let me know :) Oh, does anyone know if the standard stereo (am, fm, cd, mp3 dvd) has the video wires already there for a fairly easy hook up for a TV? I would like to keep the factory radio/dvd player and just add a TV and Gaming system.
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