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Is it just me or ?

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Am I the only one who wonders why a cargo net was not considered for the Nitro? With a "Load N Go " and tie down D rings to secure loads ,seems items like Grocery bags and such are left to wonder around in the rear cargo area. Well I thought ,go to the Dodge dealers and buy a half dozen D rings and locate and install them where needed .Well the dealer wanted $ 24.50 per 1 " D ring. My first reaction was ,Is this guy crazy or what .I think most cargo nets are universal in size. I have two and they are very similar in size. I look far and wide and high and low to find small D rings to adapt to my needs .Including Lowe's , Home Depot ,Ace hardware and every small hardware including marine suppliers. Finally I settled for 1 eyed wire straps. Epoxying one over the other ,along with black lighting fixture chain I was able to install 8 anchors for two cargo nets .Also these can be used to secure our bikes ,along with loading blocks ,when hauled inside the Nitro .
Next adventure is to overcome the garage door opener located on the sunvisor. Not bad enough that it's installed on a light color visor waiting for a soiled hand to leave a nasty stain on my new visor. Or out of view and over head .Having it on the rear view mirror or some other place in full view in front of the driver must have made too much sense. Remember those nice tidy card and such holders that fit so well over the visor can nolonger be used. They cover the door opener .For such a well planned vehicle ,just a few every day needed luxuries like cargo nets would have meant so much.:(
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When I bought my Nitro I was trading in a Magnum R/T and I took the net out of it before I let them take it away because it was not included. Just one of the many things that piss me off about the Nitro.
it is not all that useful to tell you the truth. The only way I use the net is over the top of items places on the load-N-go. I use the four corner anchors and place whatever items I don't want to roll around under the net. It works fine for most items but bags of groceries are better on the floor in the rear seat for me.

I am actually considering removing the load-n-go crap and using the two compartments on the floor pan instead. If Dodge would have made it so that the load-n-go floor would lift at the rear so that you could use it as a compartment separator it would have been more useful in my opinion. The rear floor of the magnum had a tri fold floor that gave you one of four options for the floor configuration. Much more useful than the Nitro.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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