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There has been much speculation over the past year about the status of the Dodge Hornet, however, one thing is clear: Now is the time. As gas prices rise and the trend seems to move towards smaller vehicles the need only becomes greater. The Dodge Hornet is an aggressive looking concept car that is rumored to powered by a Nissan sourced 4 cylinder engine. As SRT fans, we can only hope that after the first year of production that Dodge will consider releasing a turbocharged version as the Dodge Hornet SRT4.

We think production is likely, and we'd like to be able to create some discussions about the vehicle and have created the Dodge Hornet Forum for just this purpose. As we all know, Dodge pays close attention to their customer base and to what happens on the forums... so let your voice be heard, express your opinions on the vehicle and help shape its' future.

Be sure to stop and visit the site, register and claim your low member # so you can brag about it once the car actually hits the streets. You'll be able to claim your OG status :)

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