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Is Your NITRO Properly Insured?

CAUTION LONG RAMBLING POST (respect your elders)

Have you modified your NITRO with one or several MOPAR add-ons or other aftermarket accessories?

What amount would you be paid by your Insurance Company if your Nitro was totaled in an accident?

What amount would you be paid by your Insurance Company if your Nitro was stolen and stripped?

What amount would you be paid by your Insurance Company if your Nitro was destroyed by fire?

Don’t know?

Well would you believe I have experienced all the above with vehicles in my lifetime.

First off the latest process I had with my Insurance Company was really very fair, except they would not credit me for any non-factory add-ons. They used my destroyed vehicle’s VIN number and found a replacement used car as close as possible, as a replacement. They added a plus or minus figure for every option and compared mileage and again added a figure to make them comparable. Let’s say your totaled vehicle had power windows but their replacement vehicle did not and they would offer you $300 extra if you would take the replacement vehicle from their data base. Let’s say your old vehicle had higher mileage than the replacement, and then they would ask for an additional payment from you for the replacement offer. They had several offers that were credits or some that required an additional payment to make them comparable with your lost car or truck. It listed the Dealers Names and location and stated these were specially price for their Insurance Company. Another option was a “Blue Book” value for your loss car that they would pay you directly.

Hard to find fault in their offer, except nothing was offered for any modifications for accessories added after the sale, and I even had pictures and receipts.

With too much time on my hands I started thinking of all the added accessories now installed on my 07 fully-equipped from the factory Dodge Nitro. Like many of you I went crazy adding and ordering at least ten accessories and installing them the first few weeks. You know, deflectors, lower grille, NITRO sill plates, running boards, luggage roof rail cross bars, decals, mud flaps, and so on, with my most expensive accessory wood dash kit of over 70 pieces.

I have never seen a vehicle that is considered a low volume, slow selling, with so much available. Yes I plan to continue to keep going and maybe adding a MOPAR cross back-up path warning system if available and a MOPAR CAI next year. The 07 NITRO did not have a factory installed back up warring system as it was added in 08.

I started thinking about the “hit” I would take if I had my NITRO taken or damaged if none of my modifications were covered and called my Insurance Company with my concerns. They called back about a day later and said a $2,000 extra coverage policy was available that would cover my modifications but was kind-off pricy at around $135 a year. I said add it on now and I can always cancel it after I see the actual cost.

I must be paranoid having worked in Dealerships years ago as a Parts Manager, leaving my NITRO overnight for service, since I know many are left outside unlocked in a dark lot and sometimes with the key in the ignition. At least now I know I have additional 2K coverage!

I understand not all Insurance Companies are the same in every State or in Canada, but if you have added special wheels and tires or other expensive modifications wouldn’t you pay an additional $10 a month to make sure you have coverage?

I told you it was a long rambling, but maybe it will benefit someone here that never thought of this and not offered any additional coverage by their Insurance Company even if it is available. GOOD LUCK with your NITRO and hopefully no insurance claims with it in the future.
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