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Leno’s tour includes rides, peek at new cars

Posted Wednesday, Apr 8, 2009, 11:21 am in Employee News

One of late night television’s comic icons got an escorted trip and some exclusive rides yesterday with Chrysler LLC executives at the Auburn Hills Complex.

Jay Leno, host of NBC’s “The Tonight Show,” is in the Detroit area to perform two free concerts at the Palace of Auburn Hills for unemployed workers. While staying in Detroit, Leno wanted to visit area automakers to see what they are working on. Chrysler executives decided to take him up on his request.

Leno, a self described car buff and classic automobile collector, started his tour in the Design Dome where he got a peek at some future products with Chairman and Vice President Jim Press, and Frank Klegon, Executive Vice President—Product Development. The late night talk show host cracked a few jokes, asked some insightful questions and came away impressed with the future vehicles.

From the Dome, the ENVI team drove Leno in a Dodge Circuit to the Evaluation Road where he took the electric vehicle concept for a lap. Leno also drove a Fiat 500, a Chrysler turbine car from the ’60s and a souped up Dodge Challenger (he already owns the first Challenger SRT8® sold at retail).

After completing a few laps in each vehicle, Leno then spent a half-hour touring the Walter P. Chrysler Museum.
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