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Jeep Considers Introducing Pickup Truck

Jun 22, 2010

Is Jeep preparing to introduce a pickup truck? That’s what is reporting.

“Mike Manley, president and CEO of the Jeep brand, expressed great interest in the compact and midsize pickup truck market in a recent interview during the media's first drive of the 2011 Grand Cherokee,” says

The company, which hasn’t produced a pickup truck since the Comanche was phased out in 1992, has continued to release pickup truck concepts throughout the years.

“An apparently production-ready Jeep Scrambler made a brief appearance at the 2003 NADA convention in San Francisco before it was suddenly pulled after only a few hours. Nothing was heard from about that truck again. In 2005, Jeep showed the well-received Gladiator Concept. In 2007, there was the Jeep JT and in 2008, the J8 Sarge,” reminisces

Although Manley didn’t give any official word of a coming Jeep pickup, Autoblog surmises: “Considering that the Ford Ranger continues to sell in reasonably decent numbers despite not seeing any real updates since the Jurassic period and that the Mahindra pickup has generated a good bit of interest before even hitting the American scene, we have to wonder if there may be some pent-up demand for a small, capable pickup in America. In any case, don't expect any sort of official comment from Jeep... but feel free to keep your fingers crossed.”


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