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Muhammad Sheikh, 25, of Milpitas, poses with his homemade Jeep Wrangler replica-which he finished in time for the premier of the "Jurassic World" movie-in the hills above Milpitas.

Milpitas resident creates 'Jurassic Park' Jeep replica


A dream begins

Two years ago, Sheikh was looking to get a car with good utility after driving around his motorcycle for a few years. Sheikh said he always wanted to get a Jeep Wrangler and he ended up getting a 1994 model.

"A day later, the re-run for 'Jurassic Park' came on and I saw that they used Jeeps just like mine in the movie. So I thought let me do something with it, I am going to make it almost exactly like a replica," Sheikh said.

Milpitas resident Muhammad Sheikh, 25, drove his home made "Jurassic Park" replica Jeep Wrangler to the Century Theater in Union City for the "Jurassic World" movie premier on Friday, June 12 for movie goers to enjoy taking photos with the car while music from the movie played over the car's speakers.

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