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Published on Feb 24, 2017
Sure doesn't looks seized to me... My wife had our dodge nitro towed to Kamloops Dodge on Feb 20, 17 after she couldn't get the vehicle started vehicle started. It had been driving fine 2 days prior when it was last parked. Despite informing them of this they called her back saying that the engine was seized... I was at work when I got the call and immediately called the service department back asking how they came to the conclusion, while also expressing my disbelief that a motor would just seize up over night after running fine all day the day before. My first question was "did the tech remove the spark plugs or was he pulling on compression? Dave from the service department called me back after speaking to the tech reassuring me "this guy has been here for 30 years. If he says it's seized its seized". At this point my heart sank because the vehicle I had been taking care of and paying for over the last 6 years was essentially scrap steel. My wife needed a car to drive the kids to school and I needed to get one quickly because I work out of town and I would be gone in a couple days. We were just about to sign papers on a new SUV on their lot when I decided to have one more look at the Nitro. I towed it home and removed the spark plugs so that there was no compression to pull against and put a socket on the pulley to turn the engine. The engine turned over very easily. But still had the same no start issue... I called Dodge back and got put through to the service manager Cam who then passed me over to the manager of the dealership Paul. I explained to Paul that there was no way the motor was ever seized and I wanted to be refunded the 118 dollars he had charged me for the improper diagnosis. I also reiterated the fact that if I had listened to his tech my vehicle would be sitting in a scrap yard. He refused to refund me and said the motor magically became unstuck from the time the worked on it to the time I worked on it. If that's the case why is it still doing the exact same thing it did before!?

At this point if I can steer at least one person from dealing with Kamloops Dodge I will feel like I have gotten my 118 dollars back for their incorrect diagnosis that almost cost me a the price of another vehicle.
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