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There are plenty of things swirling around that could cause some serious changes in direction for the auto industry, not the least of which are geopolitics, new governmental fuel-economy requirements, and plain old shifting tastes. But my advice to anyone who'd listen would be to be cautious about what shiny new object you go chasing after. There's no question there will need to be some advances and resource shifting to make our current mpg targets, but we might want to think twice before we start turning over the keys to the regulators or new kids at the design studios who want to shake things up for the sake of shaking things up. Specifically, I'm talking about this mad dash that seems to be evolving between the different manufacturers to see who dumps their pickup and SUV lineup from their product portfolio the fastest

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Let's be careful here, the future trucks and SUVs changing? | Editorials Blog & Discussions at Truck Trend Magazine
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