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Locking gas cap.....found one that works

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Hello all,
In case you did not know, the locking gas cap for 2005 durango will work on our cars. Got mine from autozone, made by stant for about $15 I think.

Funny, even local dodge dealer did not have one listed under 2007 Nitro. However, he figured out that the stock gas cap is common to the Durango...

Anyway hope that helps...

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Best Gas Cap Locks For 2022

Chris Chin


Updated: May 30, 2022

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With soaring gas prices and supply shortages, the concern for fuel theft is equally on the rise as if it’s the 1973 oil crisis all over again. While some cars lock their filler doors with the central locking system or require pulling a release from the inside, there are many vulnerable vehicles out there without any locking filler doors.

Rest assured, there is a solution that adds an extra level of security: aftermarket universal locking gas caps. These are gas caps engineered to the same standards as the factory ones and often produced by the same manufacturer. They come with an added locking mechanism and their own set of keys.

If you’re interested in this extra level of security, we’ve created a list of the best universal locking gas caps you can buy.


10508 Locking Fuel Cap

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The fuel caps made of sturdy, long-life materials which have all original equipment features AND a key-operated lock to protect the vehicle from fuel theft and vandalism.

  • Keyed alike versions are available for small fleets or consumers with more than one vehicle. Stant caps are unique because they are the only aftermarket caps to include all safety features and valving of the original equipment caps.
  • OE Pressure relief prevents fuel vapors from exiting the fuel system under normal operating conditions. This allows an escape path for pressure in the event of an impact situation where the fuel tank has collapsed. It also permits pressure to escape if the vapor management system malfunctions.

  • A “Lost Motion” feature permits the cap to handle some freedom to turn while maintaining a seal, which could aid in the prevention of fuel tank leakage during a crash or impact.
  • A “Breakaway Groove” allows the cap to remain sealed and prevent fuel leakage during a crash or impact, even if some of the cap has broken away.
  • A ”Torque Override” feature aids in the proper installation of the fuel cap. It produces an audible click as the o-ring that seals the cap is properly compressed.
  • The green caps help prevent accidental fuel contamination.
  • OE Vacuum relief prevents fuel vapors from exiting the fuel system via the fill tube under normal operations. This allows an alternative path for air to flow into the tank if there is an obstruction in the vapor recovery or vapor management systems. It also permits the fuel system to normalize air pressure during natural vacuum situations.

Product Description
Stant locking gas caps are OEM quality both in construction and materials as well as deterrent to fuel theft and vandalism. A gas/fuel cap performs three very important functions; safety of the vehicle's occupants, fuel economy and reduce emissions. Safety: Without a fuel cap, gasoline vapors will be present around your car at all times. Those vapors can be ignited by a random spark or flame and are very dangerous if you are involved in an accident or rollover. Fuel Economy: According to Sun Oil Company research, a vehicle with a missing or inoperative fuel cap will allow 176 pounds (22 gallons) of gasoline to evaporate over the period of one year. Emissions: Gasoline vapors emit hydrocarbons which dissolve the earth's ozone layer and cause smog.

Product information
Technical Details

Manufacturer ‎Stant
Brand ‎Stant
Item Weight ‎3.84 ounces
Product Dimensions ‎3.5 x 3 x 3.5 inches
Country of Origin ‎China
Item model number ‎10508
Is Discontinued By Manufacturer ‎No
Manufacturer Part Number ‎10508
OEM Part Number ‎10508

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