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Hello everyone

So, my Nitro (2.8 auto diesel) has developed quite a bad fault...

...when I engage reverse and the vehicle stars moving backwards, all is normal but as soon as a put any amount of gas on the pedal, I get the following warnings:

CAN Bus C performance
Loss comms TCM
Lost comms ABS
Lost comms BCM - A
Reverse lights switch off
Airbag light comes on
ESP/PAS light comes on (stays on)!
Boxes appear around PRND
Needles sometimes fluctuate
Warning chimes from dash
...and many more!

When I then stop and move forward, I鈥檓 just left with the ESP/PAS light illuminated until I switch the engine off

PLEASE, anyone got any ideas what it could be?

My only guess is somehow, accelerating in reverse is causing an earth which is momentarily shutting all electrical power off because literally everything at that point loses electrical power

Battery is relatively new with a very good power reading

...oh and before anyone says it, yes I do have to accelerate in reverse to get in or out of my driveway which is on a slope 馃槀

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My sister has almost the same issues with her car, but then it's gone, I don't know how. I simply wonder is it an insurance case, or not?.. It would be awesome if every single insurance agency would create it's blog, where would explain their clients how to react in some cases. Like this one here ( url: ), which gave me a lot of useful information about speeding warnings.

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I got to the bottom of the issue

The wiring harness was rubbing under the engine which frayed the wires causing an earthing fault when the engine tilted forward against the harness
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