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I am currently deployed and do not have the option to see the nitro first hand so I can only go by what I have seen the in the videos and photos of the new Nitro.

I do like what I see and I am in the market for a new vehilcle. Since I am in my current location I have the capability to order through AAFES at a discount through Dodge which makes the Nitro even more appealing.

I have a few reservations in some options offered for this vehicle

- In my opinion Low Profile Tires belong on sports cars not SUVs.
What advantage does low profile 20 inch tires provide other than increased replacement cost and a "pimped-out" look provide. I do not think the 16" tires would fill the wheel well so that would not look right either.
- Would the 17" full profile tires fill the wheel well and have the SUV look?

- the 3.7L V6 with 210hp should provide plenty of power and responsiveness. What advantage does the 4.0L V6 260hp engine provide over the 3.7L V6 over feel of the vehicle - if it is louder, I am not sure that is an option that I would perfer -Cabin noise is a big turn-off for me.

- the MyGig infotainment system. Overall I am very pleased that this option is being offered for this vehicle (even though I am not a big fan of Sirius because of Baseball not offered) I am able to overlook Sirus due to all of the other options offered on the MyGig (navigation, file storage etc.)

overall I am sold on the Nitro but any opinions that I can get on the tires and engines or any other options that are offered with this vehicle would be much appreciated.
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