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Magnificent Mopar Machines

A nondescript brick building that sits on North 10th Street in New Castle, Indiana, was at one time a nursing home. But eight years ago it assumed a dramatic new identity as the holy grail of Mopar muscle.

The town itself was long a bastion of early Chrysler manufacturing. It seemed that during the '60s, just about everybody in town was either a current or former Chrysler employee. As a result, most people in town drove a Pentastar vehicle, including scores of Mopar muscle cars. The town keeps those memories fresh, with the streets carrying such names as Chrysler Drive and Plymouth Drive, and thousands of bright-eyed kids graduated from New Castle's own Walter P. Chrysler Memorial High School.

Larry Bell is the unofficial leader of Mopar magic in New Castle and hosts the annual Nursing Home Nationals, one of the biggest annual private Mopar gatherings in the nation. It centers on his overpowering collection. In all, he has owned about 75 to 80 muscle cars over the years. They come and go on a regular basis, but there are several he has had for decades.

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