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Hello my fellow Dodge nitro owns.
I've owned my Nitro from new and only have done about 25.000 miles in her.
She has never let me down until now.
I was taken down with an illness that struck me down about five years ago that paralysed me from the waist down so I couldn't drive or do anything as I was either bed ridden or in a wheel chair.
During this time I had a friend who would go out and start the nitro to keep the battery charged.
For the last seven months it hasn't been started and battery went flat.
I'm partially mobile now and i decided to buy a new battery and get the old beast up and running again.
I put the new battery on and it started .
We went for a short ride about five miles and a warning management light came on and by the time I got home there was a warning message TPEM fault.
I turned off the engine left it a few minutes and tried to start the engine.

1. Engine started for a few seconds and it shut down. Engine Immobiliser light was on and a dinging alarm was going off.

2. Took key out of ignition then put it back in to start it then the alarm went off.
Taken key out again tried to lock the doors and the fobs wouldn't work on both keys.

3.Put new batteries in fobs but still not working. Open door manually and alarm goes off.
Put key in ignition and it wont turn over. Take key out of ignition alarm re activates .

4.Have taken ECU out under the bonnet and taken it to a auto electrical technician to have the alarm deactivated removed and new updates put on the ECU.

5. Had the ECU back and re fitted it. Connected battery and turned ignition on started again for a few seconds and engine went into shut down again and alarm re activated again.

Help Help I'm crying again.

6. Alarm systems Where are they. A. Siren alarm. B. Switch under hood. C. Module Security alarm. D. Receiver alarm
7. Transmitter anti theft.

8. FOUND A. B and C. Cant find the rest. I Know about the key Fob immobiliser halo around the ignition switch but cant find anything else.

9.ECU will be done again on Monday. So if there is anybody out there that can help with sound advice on what to do on any of the above story please please help. Many thanks Ian.
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