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Man falls 120 feet and lives by landing on Smart car

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Have a nice trip? Man falls 120 feet and lives by landing on Smart car
Posted May 23rd 2007 7:04PM by Chris Shunk
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Picture it: one minute you're standing on your 12th story patio enjoying the fresh air, and the next you're falling from said balcony. Your first thought is that you're probably a goner. Then, as the ground approaches, you realize that the car below you may break your fall. Your next (and presumably last) thought would probably go something like "Oh great, it's a Smart C...(splat)."

For Slovenian Darko Mirinovic, the above hypothetical has more truth to it than he'd ever hoped. Young Darko, 25, did fall from a 12 story balcony, but he miraculously survived. The Smart car that rested 120 feet below his window broke his fall, and in return Darko broke a bunch of bones. Not surprisingly, doctors were more than a little shocked that Darko survived the fall, even with news of his make-shift safety net. The owner of the Smart car didn't know whether "to be happy or sad" since his car was destroyed, but Darko lived. We hope he had insurance.

[Source: eGMCarTech]

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