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Member hierarchy?

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What is the system of member ranks. Like how many posts get you what rank?
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Hey Junior, you're a junior member until you hit 30 posts, a member from 30 to 100, and at 100 posts you become a senior member.
Do we get any credit for defecting from the other Nitro site?
Jonrs said:
Do we get any credit for defecting from the other Nitro site?
You betcha!!

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Jonrs said:
Do we get any credit for defecting from the other Nitro site?
what does that mean? lol
Just a little joke...sorta
But I must say, I do like the friendlness of the Admin. on this site over the other one. The Admin. on the other one are very unfriendly should you ever make a tiny mistake, like putting a thread in the wrong catagory or have a link on your thread. You would think someone was killed or something....
Private message me if you want more info.
Just lov'n my Nitro and hanging out!!
I visited that forum briefly, and noted a much rougher, tougher tone to the place.

Members were downright mean to one new member. Poor guy got dragged over hot coals and then flayed for not making his first post in the new member forum. Never seen anything like it, and I visit a lot of forums.

In contrast, the guy who owns this forum couldn't be nicer. I'm biased, because he's helping me get my reliability research rolling with the sticky. But my entire experience with him has been the best. Great guy, and I hope to eventually steer substantial traffic this way. This forum deserves to be more active.
I agree brother!
Some of the most unfriendly people on that site in Admin...Most others are great!
Has anyone else seen this???
Thanks for the kind words... life is too short to be unfriendly! :)
Hierarchy as you call it.

This is what spoiles most forums........Those that think they know more or that their opinion is the only one that counts.....even when their wrong......They like to talk down to the newbeees...............It happens in here too............Wolfie
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