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Mine's on order

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I ordered my Nitro 2 wees ago and Wheels said it would take 4 to 6 weeks. Still haven't found one on a Dodge lot yet. I ordered a pig-in-a-poke (but a nice pig I hope). Just from a few web pics.
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Hey thats great, I;m going to Juneau this thursday to the Dodge dealer to talk about ordering one. Was on the phone with him all last week.
Sounds good...4-6 weeks isn't too bad at all...what did you pay?
twa22 said:
Sounds good...4-6 weeks isn't too bad at all...what did you pay?
$0.00 out of pocket. Corp. lease for work. I get a new SUV every 70,000 miles. I have the Liberty now.
SSeipel said:
On order in what State??

I'm near Atlanta but the order is from our main office in N.J. Sill no paper work yet. I'll get the papers about a week before the truck shows up at the Dodge dealer.
I just ordered mine today

I bought a black SXT with moonroof, option 24c , and 17" wheels. MSRP was 23,400. I was told it would be 2 weeks! Anybody get theirs yet?
Still waiting on mine, it's been over 8 weeks now!
PM me some Vin's guys. I can check status..

AFAIK, no nitro's have been shipped to dealers yet. Most first launch vehicles are put on yard hold for some time to make sure all the quality issues are worked out before the customers get them. Believe me, you'd rather wait than get the first off the line.... Just making sure they're perfect.
Got my paper work from Wheels Inc. today on my '07 Nitro SXT 4WD so it should be here at the dealer in about a week.
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