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Good Morning! ok here is my issue
2011 nitro heat with 4.0L had code P0300 in system.
This is what i have done so far and still getting misfire counts on cyl 2,4,6 only.

Replaced spark plugs
Performed compression test 225psi all cylinders but number 2 which was 220psi.
Smoke test for intake leaks, small leak at the egr tube. replaced gasket and retested ok.
switched coils side to side
switched injections side to side
switched o2 sensors side to side
Tested exhaust backpressure.ok.under 1 psi
checked engine timing,spot on.
check vacuum readings and they are steady at 19 and responds and should during a snap throttle test and driving test.
my adaptions values
short term 1/1 2.9% long term 1/1 8.6%
short term 2/1 1.0% long term 2/1 -4.4%
Had ecm anad tcm updated at dealer
ran tank of techron thru truck also.
I think i covered everything so far i'm baffled as to the cause short of removing the cylinder head and having it checked for cracks

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fuel pressure was good also checked that too! 58psi if i remember correctly.
also did a hard reset by disconnecting the battery and jumped the positive and negative leads together for 10 min to make sure all capacitors were fully drained.

are these known to have issues internal with the heads that would cause the one side to flag misses?

whats controlling adaption on these im use to the air flow meters.
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