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My name is Wendy. I just bought a new Nitro. Traded in my Ram 1500 in hopes of better gas mileage. I love my Nitro so far! I get lots of second looks from friends and strangers alike!!

My daughter is almost 14, so the Nitro will probably be her first car/truck. Not sure what to call it. We love the boxy Tonka-truck look. We call it the baby hummer or the poor man's hummer! I LOVE the sunroof and satalite radio!!

Dodge forever!!!

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Welcome Nito Mom!

What a Lucky 14 year old! Same here, except when I bought mine I bought all the Chrysler Service Contracts I could and told my Wife that this is my last new car and if anything ever happened to me, don't forget that there is a pro-rated refund on these contracts, if she was to sell it. She said her three grandchildren (our second marriage) would never let her sell it! They love it too and particularly the rear DVD screen and wireless headphones. I have had kids on moving school buses all run to the back door to give their approval, when I was behind them.

Good Luck and hope you both enjoy your new Nitro.
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