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My Nitro will be 9 years old!

On July 27,2016 my Nitro will be nine years old! That is the day back in 2007 I took delivery of my special ordered Nitro R/T. Hard to believe, but even more surprising is the Nitro was Extinguished in 2011 (12/16/2011) that will soon be Five Years. (some 2012 fleet models were sold)

If you are an original owner of a Nitro, or the second or third owner I suspect you have received complements on your choice of driving a “cool” vehicle. Many may not even know the Nitro is no longer in production!

It is somewhat hard to determine what year any Nitro really is, since most look like they are 2011 models. I remember looking at the back bumper to see if they had rear back-up sensors buttons early on since my 2007 did not have them, but 2008 and all after did. Except for model names they continued on with few very noticeable changes from 2007 through 2011. That has worked out great for Nitro owners seeking aftermarket parts and accessories, or replacement parts. They are still plentiful as of today and in most case at a fair price.

Back in May, sifer was looking for a 2008 R/T interior part that on most vehicles would take a trip to the nearest wrecking yard to acquire. However, since the rear seat part was used on all models and years of the Nitro he was able to find it NEW.

So if you are a new owner of a Nitro or have had one built as early in August 2006 (making it 10 years old this year) hopefully you still enjoy it’s looks and have enjoyed customizing it, as I have.

We have complied an extensive history on the Nitro, customizing; and problem solving here so enjoy your ride. We are here to help.

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