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MyGig and 20" wheels on an SLT

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My dealer just called me and said that both MyGig and 20" wheels on the SLT where now off the restriction list and could be ordered.

Can anyone confirm?
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i just ordered a black R/T fully loaded with MYGIG

got it with employee purchase price

now the wait begins for them to build it

salesman said i should have the VON tomorrow
Rafter said:
Is the VON the same as the VIN or is it a build order number that you can somehow track?
the VON is the Vehicle Order Number this tracks the vehicle even before a VIN number is assigned to the vehicle

the VON is their internal tracking system This comes when the order is placed and processed that is why the salesman told me i should have the VON tomorrow
Rafter said:
Can you track the VON to get an ETA on shipment to the dealer?

Have you gotten any estimate?
salesman said 4 to 6 weeks but thats pretty much the standard they tell everyone (he was not real sure)

i have a friend that works at the toledo plant.....once i get the VON, he can track it for me and give me updates
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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