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MYGIG Issues

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Hi everyone it has been aa while since i have been on here but i finally got my NITRO SLT 4X4 with the MYGIG Infortainment system and i couldnt be happier. Just rran into an issue recently with the MYGIG. Has anyone had any problems with theirs? If so imi curious to know how you handled it. My issue was i started my Nitro but then got no sound out of the MYGIG. I tried the NAV, Phone, radio, SAT, and all the other cool things but no sound. When i parked and turned it off and started it back up an hour later boom it worked. So i am just thinking there might be a glitch in some of the software. Anyone else having any issues with it?
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I haven't had that happen, but one time the accept screen blanked out, after a while I pushed where the button would be, and everything popped up like it should. It has some quirks about it, looks like. I used to have a rear 6-cd player in my Liberty; sometimes it would shut down, restarting the car would reset it. Of course, though, a few years later, it gave up the ghost entirely. :rolleyes:
I have found a TON of bugs in the original MyGig software. I am currently awaiting the first software update DVD from my dealer , we'll see if that helps.
Just had a software upgrade. Works much better now. See your dealer.

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