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(1) What is the name of the rubber pad on the hinge connecting the wheel to the front axle? My mechanics says this rubber pad is worn down and needs to be replaced. Is that common? What's the usual price for this spare part?

(2) Are there rubbers and screws that are used for balancing the car? What are they called? Are they commonly replaced?

My mechanic doesn't speak English well but he says they need to be replaced (after doing diagnostic tests).

David Berry

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1. CV Joint Boot (Constant Velocity)

2. I am not sure what you are referring to. Balancing is done by adding weights to the wheels: they either clip on to the lip of the wheel, or if there is no lip, they stick on and are referred to as "paste weights".


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baedaebok if dhh3 figured out what you are referencing check out the below Link.

Raybestos - CV Joint Boot Kit
Front Outer
Fits Your 2010 Dodge Nitro
Part # 816-8066
Suggested Purchase Quantity:
Product Fitment and Detailed Description

Raybestos 816-8066 - Auto Parts Network
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