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Nav System Maps

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I’m living in Germany and have an American spec Nitro R/T, so of course the navigation system doesn’t have maps for Europe.

When I went to the Mercedes dealer (the home of the $200 oil change :eek: yea, tell me about it) they informed me that Dodge has two MyGig systems. One for the States and one for Europe, and I would have to buy the European one to use the navigation system here in Europe.

My question for those of you who received DVDs with your systems; what system are they using? Tom Tom, Navigon, Garmin, Magellan? Do the DVDs have European maps on them?

I’m willing to pay for the maps but, I can’t believe I have to buy a whole new system when it should be a simple map load.

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Welcome Mark!

I can't help you with your question but I too find it interesting that there are more maps software than just one. I have stated before I have the portable I-Way 500C unit by Lowrance. It uses a hard drive and is up-graded using the Internet. I do know my unit now has Canada with the most recent revision (no Europe but could be available?)

Having just purchased a new Nitro R/T just last week with the built in GPS unit I was surprised to see a new local extension shown on the Nitro unit that has never been on my I-Way 500 that has received two revisions this year.

I did not received any CDs for the Nitro GPS and when I asked the Salesman how the unit was up-dated he didn't know.

Does anyone know how the factory unit is up-dated and how the Owner can keep it up-to-date, and what manufacturer builds it?
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