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Have been doing a lot of checking on the Dodge Nitro RT, seams like in 07 the first year they was a list of problems with the car, Tranny, radios, GAS Mileage was very poor etc.

Question : is the 2008 model any better , What changes did they make to improve the mechanical systems in 2008 , or is it the same ??

They are many reviews that say do not buy this car , is it that bad ??

Help Please


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If you re-check your reviews again, or this or other Forums, you will find that there were very few problems with the R/T with a different engine, transmission and suspension system than other models. Yes the Nitro did get a bad rap with many first year issues that should now all be history.

I did a lot of research myself before I bought mine (really it took 7 months from the first time I drove an R/T) and it was plain to see that nearly ALL Nitro R/T owners did not have issues. I am really pleased with mine and have added many add-ons. As far as the 08, I posted a review on one that was most favorable. Mine has every option and as far as I can tell only the rear back-up sensor system has been added to the 08 options list, that I also plan to add in the future from MoPar.

I would think any 08 Nitro is now a good buy, but yes they did have a rough start that most reviewers still seem to hit on without any reviewing of later model year or production changes. To them all Nitros are/were the same.

I am very pleased with my purchase and plan to keep it a very long time. Love the ride and looks, love the performance and with the new Lifetime Factory Warranty and my purchased Chrysler Service Contracts if there ever is a problem it will be covered.

I would recommend your purchase. Good Luck and enjoy!

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