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Bought a 08 Nitro, super nice ride.. GREAT new inside and out.. it's got the 3.7 auto 4x4 107k miles.. some old dude had it sitting at a relative house and his crack head nephew stole the converters off it (and ripped wiring to front driver's side o2 sensor out of plug) but it's missing all 4 o2 sensors.. anyways, I gave him 500 bucks for it and I hauled it to the house and started it up but it runs terrible.. like it's starving for fuel.. everything I have read says you can still drive them without o2 sensors, so idt that's the problem.. I drained oil and it had probably close to a gallon of gasoline in it.. every cylinder had between 190 and 210 on them so it can't be a motor problem can it?!? Only code's it shows is o2 sensors and a EVAP code.. it's only got 107k miles.. ol dude said it acted like it ran out of gas and he parked it, never looked at it.. I guess what I'm asking is would the o2 sensors and catalytic converters being gone make it flood that bad? Or could it be a tipm issue, or maybe a fuel pump/injectior problem.. or do I need to just trade it to a decent hand job and call it a day.. thanks in advance
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