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Hi and thank you for this forum! My wife is potentially a future Nitro Owner. However, yesterday a co-worker told me he heard the Nitro was being phased out already. Any truth to that?


If you read many of the newspaper reports posted here and Page Ranking from Chrysler you will see that Chrysler LLC plans to cut their present SUV/truck models in half. And no the Nitro is still in production, but it's future is not clear. Chrysler is pushing their Jeep Brands like the Liberty for SUVs. (When is the last time you have seen a Nitro TV ad?) If you like the looks of the Nitro as we all do here, better buy one in the next year or so, to be safe.

Newest Article on this subject: Chrysler to pare number of SUV models | Rhode Island news | | The Providence Journal projoCars |

I can't speak for others, but I am just glad I got mine and if they do drop it in the future I don't care (think it is a bad ideal however). No problem with parts or service if that does happen since the new Jeep Liberty is about the same. As far as resale, I doubt it would make much impact, and may ever help it, since many love or hate the design. Just my .02

Have you taken one for a test drive yet? Take your Wife, you may want to take one home as many here have. Good Luck!

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like my nitro

Our Transmission was slipping on our Grand caravan so we had to trade it in .asap. We did not have time to do a lot of looking. My husband came home with a nitro to test drive it. Oh my it is beautiful leather seats fully loaded color inferno red sooo smooth on the hwy. I had never seen one before I haven;t seen it advertised. It is sporty and you feel like you are driving something, not likesome of the lightweight models out there (escape, kia)....

It is built on a jeep chassis and feels nice on the road even with the 20 inch low profiles really smooth on the hwy.
The Nitro has bucket loads of style and you get a lot of looks when you are driving it. The nitro is definately nicer looking then the jeep. So for a city girl who only needs 4 wheel drive if it snows a few times a year this is great.
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